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About Us

Paradise Nutrition Inc. is an import & distribution company established in 2002. Our Goal is to provide world’s best manufactured Nutritional Supplements, sports Fitness accessories to Indian market. We don’t Compromise on the Quality of the Products, We distribute the World best brands which meets high Quality Standards directly from the manufacturers and do not deal with any third party manufactured brand. One thing that has remained constant in our journey is our love for what we do and our focus on delivering products of quality at extremely competitive prices.

Paradise Nutrition Inc. Is the pioneer in the Indian market in providing world class dietary supplement & fitness accessories.

Paradise Nutrition Inc. Here by introduces its own line of fitness product. Biofit an innovative line of Fitness Gloves, Belts & Training Accessories. Biofit products are made from the best integrated composite of world class Fabrics like Lykra, Nylon, Cotton, Polyster, Leather, Velcro, Metals, etc each & every products are designed as per the need of athletes & fitness enthusiastic.

Biofit series of gloves delivers superior grip and protection to ensure that our customers get the most out of their exercise routine. Biofit  products are committed to make Workout better, Weightlifting, Core Strengthening, Endurance Building, High Intensity Interval Training. Biofit  line of products are made as per the need that our customer really wants.

We don’t compromise on the Quality of the products. Entire range of Biofit meets High Quality Standards at extremely affodable prices.

We Are Clear With Our Principle - “Do It Right Or Don’t Do It”

 Paradise Nutrition Inc. makes possible to you the same commitment and enterprise that is promised by brand owners. Enjoy yourself in browsing through the website and feel free to contact us for any further Enquiries. For more detail visit